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Elvie Breast Pump Review – Two Top Products

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elvie breast pump review

Which brand should you choose for your baby’s sweet breast-feeding journey? We have researched and reviewed many breasts pump for working moms and caring moms that you will find on our website. In this article we are going to provide the Elvie breast pump review. This review will definitely help you to understand breast pumping lifestyle and choose the best Elvie breast pump.

Breast Pump is a necessary tool for many breast-feeding journeys with flexibility and support to mothers. The primary function of a breast pump is to extract milk from mother’s breast that helps mothers to store milk for later or in emergency.

There are two types of breast pump – Manual Breast Pump and Electric Breast Pump. Manual breast pumps are operated by hand and typically are more affordable. But electric breast pump offers greater efficiency and convenience. It is recommended for emergency situation.

We have researched many top-rated Elvie breast pumps and found these two as the greatest of all breast pumps. We think you should check it out this elvie breast pump review for your breast-feeding journey.

Product Reviews:

Elvie Curve Manual Wearable Breast Pump

Key Features:

  • Wearable design for hands-free pumping
  • Manual operation with simple assembly and cleaning
  • Portable and discreet for use anywhere
  • Gentle suction mimics baby’s natural nursing rhythm
elvie breast pump review

Elvie Curve Manual Wearable Breast Pump is an ideal option for mothers with hand free design. It’s exactly perfect for them who prefer manual pumping. The wearable design of this breast pump allows mothers for easy and smooth pumping without the need for cords and tubes. This design just made it perfect for multitasking or busy moms. It also great for busy moms for its two-part assemble and ease of cleaning. With 120 ml capacity Elvie curve breast pump is designed to fit all size breasts. So, no need to worry about sizing.  

However, as a manual breast pump it may require more effort than an electric breast pump and the suction strength depends on the mother’s using technique.

elvie breast pump review


  • Discreet and hands-free: The wearable design allows for discreet pumping without the need for cords or tubes, making it suitable for pumping on the go or while multitasking.
  • Simple and easy to use: With just two parts for assembly and easy cleaning, the Elvie Curve offers convenience and simplicity for busy mothers.
  • Portable: Its compact size and wearable design make it easy to carry and use anywhere, whether at home, work, or while running errands.
  • Mimics natural breastfeeding: The gentle suction mimics a baby’s natural nursing rhythm, helping to stimulate milk flow while ensuring comfort for the mother.
  • Cost-effective: As a manual pump, it is generally more affordable than electric pumps and requires no additional power source.


  • Requires manual effort: Being a manual pump, it requires physical effort from the user to operate, which may not be as convenient or efficient for some mothers.
  • Variable suction strength: The suction strength may vary depending on the user’s manual pumping technique, potentially leading to inconsistent milk expression.

Elvie Stride Wearable Electric Breast Pump

elvie breast pump review

Key Features:

  • Wearable design for hands-free pumping
  • Electric operation with adjustable suction levels
  • Customizable settings for personalized comfort
  • Portable and convenient for on-the-go use
  • Consistent suction strength for efficient pumping

On the other hand, this breast pump provides a hands-free pumping for its wearable design. To suit individual comfort and preferences this breast pump has adjustable suction levels that provides the hands-free electric pumping. Its electric motor offers smooth suction and it reduce the pumping time than manual pumping that make it suitable for use in various settings. With 141.75 Grams capacity this breast pump can provide mothers a healthy and safe breast feeding. The main benefit is that you can control this breast pump from your mobile.

It’s fully depending on mothers’ choice of which breast pump suits her. But both pump offers unique features to support breast feeding mothers on their breast-feeding journey.

elvie breast pump review
elvie breast pump review


  • Electric pumping convenience: The electric motor provides efficient pumping with adjustable suction levels to suit individual comfort and preferences.
  • Hands-free operation: Like the Elvie Curve, the Stride offers hands-free pumping, allowing mothers to multitask or pump discreetly without cords or tubes.
  • Adjustable settings: The ability to adjust suction levels provides flexibility and customization, ensuring optimal comfort and milk expression.
  • Portable and discreet: Its wearable design makes it easy to use discreetly in various settings, offering convenience for busy mothers on the move.
  • Consistent suction strength: Unlike manual pumps, the Elvie Stride’s electric motor ensures consistent suction strength, potentially reducing pumping time and effort.


  • Requires charging: As an electric pump, it requires charging between uses, which may be inconvenient if a power source is not readily available.
  • Higher cost: Electric pumps tend to be more expensive than manual pumps, which may be a consideration for budget-conscious mothers.
  • Potential noise: While designed to be quiet, electric pumps may produce some noise during operation, which could be a concern for mothers seeking maximum discretion.

While choosing the best breast pump for your breast-feeding journey, always focus on your preferences, lifestyle, and pumping needs.